A Taste of Life
Art Into Fashion

Art into Fashion
Eclectic apparel and accessories
A Taste of Life


A Taste of Life – Art Into Fashion
After Inked has partnered up with A Taste of Life, a team of interdisciplinary researchers and entrepreneurs whose vocation is finding talent and bringing it to
the world, from an independent perspective. A Taste of Life serves as a channel between artists, scientists, designers and humanists in general who have taken to their task impacting culture and lifting spirits.

Branding for Artists
Tattoo artists need a medium for them to reach the audience that will be moved by their work.
We want to support the amazing talent of professional tattoo artists in reaching a global audience.

After Inked Fashion by A taste of Life is the best complement for tattoo artists who are focused on their quality work and can use the assistance to offer their unique pieces of art through eclectic apparel and accessories.

Cultural Content for the Global Community
After Inked by A Taste of Life gives you access to art and projects from all around the globe with a very specific sensibility. We have designed and developed a particular process of branding and marketing for individuals and groups who have achieved high value in their work, yet lack the time or knowledge to take their message to the people who want it and need it.


Tattoo Artists who want to turn their art into fashion can register here.


Unique apparel inspired by the amazing talent of tattoo artists is available for purchase on our online store. Click here to start shopping.